MitoQ® is a world-first, mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant, which is absorbed through the mitochondrial membrane and directly into the body of the mitochondria, hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.  The mitochondria use MitoQ® to re-line the mitochondrial membrane, helping to maintain its structural integrity and support the defensive barrier.  This means that more free radicals can be neutralized, and their levels can be managed, delivering a double benefit:

  1. normal energy production is supported; and
  2. the risk of harm to our delicate cell equipment can be reduced.

Here's how it works:  MitoQ® is a shortened form of the antioxidant ubiquinol (CoQ10) with the addition of an ion called Triphenylphosphonium, which gives it a positive charge.  These two modifications create a duel effect:

  1. MitoQ® is small enough to pass through the normally impermeable mitochondrial membrane; and
  2. MitoQ® is instantly attractive to the negatively charged mitochondria.

Regular CoQ10 antioxidant supplements are popular and readily available – however, they are largely ineffective.  Why?  Because they are too big to penetrate the very selective mitochondrial membrane.  So, whilst they get into your bloodstream, they are unable to get into the mitochondria itself.

The unique properties of MitoQ® mean that it is absorbed directly into your mitochondria in large concentrations.  The inside of the mitochondria and inner membrane is the major site for biochemical reactions, including cellular respiration. This puts MitoQ® exactly where your body needs it the most.

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